Today was the first of two days of reorganization of our garage and closets.  Well, let me be clear, the job will not be finished in 2 days, but I hope to have made significant headway.  So far I have multiple bags of clothing and household items to take to the next thrift store donation day.  I found some things I didn’t even know I had and had bought new of.  That is a clear sign that it is time to downsize our “stuff.”

This makes for some interesting sights around the house.  Like a counter full of dolls, some with missing appendages.  Cleaning them up in case any of the little people in our lies would like them.  By the way I am counting down the days till our newest great niece and her Momma come to visit us at the end of the month!

This day has really made me ponder the question of “how much is enough?”  How many sets of sheets, or extra blankets do we really need?  How often do we use the “good silver” that is tucked away in a felt lined box?  Our house is decorated, so for what purpose am I saving a box of extra frames?  (By the way were not hoarders, this is just the stuff of life that accumulates after so many years of life and combining households.

Please don’t misunderstnad, there is nothing inherently wrong with any of those things.  But sometimes it’s good to wrestle with the answer of how much is enough?  And if I have more than enough what do I do with the excess?  Then is there any change I need to make to keep from letting extra build up again?

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