I am grateful for the faith my parents instilled in me. Today I reaped another blessing from that legacy.

Jerry and I were invited to share the “Mission Moment” at the church where Mom first belonged and worshipped when she moved up to live with us in PA.  That church was a wonderful source of friendship and service for Mom.

When I greeted Irene, she shared that when she sees Joni and Friends on their church prayer list she doesn’t pray for the ministry, she prays for me and Jerry!  I have probably only seen Irene three or four times in the last 15 years, but she knew me from Mom.  Mom was a great ambassador for Joni and Friends everywhere she went and to everyone she met.  What an encouragement to know her investment in us is still reaping benefits two and a half years after her passing.

Later in the morning I chatted with Cynthia, who shared how much she still misses my Mom (I assured her I do too).  She counted Mom as a dear friend.  Cynthia shared that she has never taken Mom’s name off her prayer list.  Knowing that Mom no longer needs prayer she instead uses that as a prompt to pray for Jerry and me.

I was humbled.  Thank you Mom for paving the way for others to lift us up in prayer when you were no longer here to do so.

Makes me wonder who will stand in the gap to pray for us when God calls these ladies home?  Makes me also want to go deeper in my own prayer life to stand in the gap for others.

Thanks Mom, and Dad too.70bd8-fullsizerender