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Marriage Monday

If you have followed me very long you know that I have been married for nearly 22 years to the amazing Jerry.  On our first anniversary we attended a marriage conference.  One of the speakers said, “Life wouldn’t be so difficult if we didn’t expect it to be so easy!”  Those fourteen words have carried us through many challenges over the years.

Marriage is hard.  No matter how much you love your spouse, or how long you have been married, melding two individual lives into one is difficult at times.  Good marriages  become good and can grow to great because the couple invests in vigilant openness, honesty, and employs a hefty dose of grace day to day.

Marriage is also fun.  There is no one I would rather laugh with or share an experience with than Jerry. Doing the hard work yields rewards of  contentment, growth joy,, companionship,, and the best picture w’ll have here on earth of God’s love for us.

Real marriage looks very little like what is seen on television, in print media or the big screen.  We have often laughed after working through a tough  encounter that “this is not how Hollywood shows it!”

Add disability, whether in a spouse or child, to marriage and the challenges grow  – but so can the blessings.  I rarely hear people talk about the affect of disability in marriage;.  It’s time to change that!

Please join me each Monday when this blog will be devoted to marriage and disability. Some posts will be thought provoking, some will make you laugh, some will inspire you.  I invite you to join the discussion whether you have disability in your marriage or not. Friends who are in a marriage that is struggling, or perhaps has even ended, please don’t stay away.  We need to hear from you too, and journey together.

Here’s where I need your help:

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  2. Send me your input – what would you like to see discussed in Marriage Mondays?  Please comment below, of if you prefer to keep your thoughts quieter email joan@joanborton.com
  3. Marriage Monday will not just be about my marriage.  I want to celebrate yours too!  Will you please email me a picture of you and your spouse – either from your wedding or current times that I can post in future blogs?

I look forward to connecting with you here every Monday (posts on other days will still feature my pondering)s and stones of remembrance from life in general).