It’s funny what happens when one says “yes” to God!

A couple days ago I came home from the pool and mentioned to Jerry that I had overlooked the community that exists there.  There are groups who meet to walk the pool together, or share a lane for laps.   Most of all of us sit in the same area of the deck each day.  While I  typically nod a pleasant hello at those I pass by I tend to choose a chair or bench by myself where I immediately bury my nose in a book or my phone then swim my laps, dry off and head home.  I hear the conversations around me, but don’t engage.  When I see people I know I chat a few minutes, then quickly reenter my world!

I think the idea of community struck home when I asked the pool manager about a man (whose name I never knew) I have not seen at the pool this year (and he was ALWAYS there in the past).  She told me that he had passed away.  It struck me that he was  a “regular” of sorts in my life and I knew nothing about him.

I told God that if He opened doors I would engage with “my summer peeps.”

Today a man I have seen for several years at the pool commented about how he didn’t spend very long in the pool doing laps today.  I replied that I did a few less laps today also, after all, it’s Sunday and a day of rest.

That one comment opened the door!  He sat down and one comment led to another and soon we were talking about church, and some challenges he is facing.  We discovered we had some commonality in our church history (funny, because over the years I was pretty convinced that he would be one person at the pool who had no interest in faith or related topics; boy was I wrong!)

As we continued to talk he asked if my husband and I had ever considered missions work.  I told him we have, and asked if he ever heard of Joni Eareckson Tada.  His jaw dropped as he told me all the ways Joni’s radio programs have encouraged him over the years.  He was not aware of our local ministry.

When I came home and told Jerry it’s amazing what happens when you say yes to God, he asked me , “who is coming to dinner?”  Well, no one yet . . .  but as we were reminded in church this morning that we are to BLESS:                                                                                     Begin with prayer
Listen to the stories of others
Eat with others
Share an appropriate part of your story

I think this summer community is ripe for blessing!