We Passed the Test!

Last week we had the opportunity to put to the test one of the reasons we made the move to Florida a year ago. Most people, as they age, need some type of help or support. Those of us who live with disability in our families often need the help much earlier, and for aContinue reading “We Passed the Test!”

Blessings of Disability in Marriage Part 2

I am glad so many of you enjoyed the Top Ten List last week.  Disability in the family is not all about sadness, challenges, ir missing out.  There is much joy and blessing in our families, as there can be in any family.  Let’s take a look at some additional blessings found in my ownContinue reading “Blessings of Disability in Marriage Part 2”

Building Community in an Age of Privacy

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now.  Building community seems like a buzz phrase these days.  Every church, business, borough, or city talk about building authentic community, a safe community or a supportive community.  It is almost like “insert your favorite adjective here” community. Generally the word community implies that we have something inContinue reading “Building Community in an Age of Privacy”

Disability Humor and Insight in the Christmas Story

We who live/work in the disability world sometimes laugh about how people often assume that a person with one disability has them all.  For example, because Jerry uses a power wheelchair he must also be hard of hearing so they shout at him, others assume he cannot think or talk so they ask me what he wants.  ThisContinue reading “Disability Humor and Insight in the Christmas Story”

And the Seasons, They go Round and Round . . . (thanks Joni Mitchell)

This new season in our lives came round when life in the super fast lane suddenly and unexpectedly experienced the brakes being applied (don’t fear, we are safe I am speaking metaphorically).  As one might imagine this sudden interuption of momentum resulted in  a great deal of change.  It has been interesting at twenty plus years of marriage to seeContinue reading “And the Seasons, They go Round and Round . . . (thanks Joni Mitchell)”

To Be Known by Name

November is National Caregivers Month.  Peter Rosenberger, a ministry colleague at Caregivers With Hope created a video to honor caregivers.   We showed this video at our recent Caregivers Day of Pampering to 120 women who provide care for a family member affected by disability or special needs.  There were few dry eyes in the auditorium as the videoContinue reading “To Be Known by Name”