Take It Easy

Take it easy Take it easy Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy Lighten up while you still can . . . These words, written by Jackson Browne and Glen Frey and recorded by the Eagles,  resonated in my head on a road trip we took this week. Our destination wasContinue reading “Take It Easy”

Little Kindnesses

This week I was the beneficiary of some little kindnesses that impacted me in such a big way I want to share. Here’s the scene. We were ready to head home from Ohio after a family visit. The drive, with stops, is about 10 hours. We’ve each driven it by ourselves. In more recent years sharingContinue reading “Little Kindnesses”

Just When I Think I Get the Hang of this Marriage Thing . . .

“You can do it AJ.”  (pronounced as one word, coined by my nephew). This was Nathan’s response to me when I called him a few weeks ago while researching rental cars.  He had driven a hybrid for years. I wanted to know if I could make the adjustment. With him boosting my confidence I reservedContinue reading “Just When I Think I Get the Hang of this Marriage Thing . . .”

Directions Needed

Last week Jerry and I participated in our first seeJesus staff retreat.  We spent a couple days with 34 of our co-workers at a private retreat site in far northern Pennsylvania, near the New York border.  In preparing for the trip we were told that cell phone service was sketchy there at best.  Apparently IContinue reading “Directions Needed”

The View from the Back Seat

In recent weeks, I’ve gone on two quick trips with a couple of my seeJesus Bethesda teammates. One to eastern Ohio and one to Norfolk, Virginia. On both we spent as much time in the car as we did at the events. Preparing for the trips we talked about who would drive. It turns outContinue reading “The View from the Back Seat”

Silly GPS

“Why on earth is this silly GPS telling me to get off at every exit and take a different route?” That was my question while driving on I-95 last weekend after leaving a hotel in Virginia for our final leg home to Pennsylvania.  After about 5 miles of ignoring the GPS and repeating my question,Continue reading “Silly GPS”