A Foot in Two Worlds

Holy Week.  Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.  This is the pinnacle of my faith.  Jesus whose birth I celebrate at Christmas as Emmauel, God with us, took the ultimate step of being with me.  He didn’t offer his life on the cross because it was easy.  He didn’t carry my sin because it wasContinue reading “A Foot in Two Worlds”

What Am I Packing For?

Almost daily Jerry and I have conversations about our upcoming move to Florida. Last week one of those talks was followed with a devotion about Heaven. Jerry made the comment that it would be ok with him if God moved us on to Heaven before we got to Florida.  Smiling I said, if He isContinue reading “What Am I Packing For?”

Enhanced Benefit?

In my part time work in a financial planer’s office I sometimes hear phone conversations between  one of our customer service reps and fund companies.  One of the questions that still catches my attention is when our rep asks the vendor if the particular product they are discussing has “an enhanced death benefit?” I  shakeContinue reading “Enhanced Benefit?”

Waiting in line

In recent weeks it seems that Heaven has gained a lot of mighty fine people who are dearly missed here.  I know that happens every day, but we seem to know more people who have made that journey recently. I was talking with a friend (and my chiropractor) about this as together we traded favorite storesContinue reading “Waiting in line”

Our Friend Kay

Our family has often smiled that my mom found people she knew everywhere she went.  She had only lived in PA for a few weeks (Jerry and I had already been here 3 years) when we walked into a department store and right away she saw a new friend! About a week ago one of mom’s dearContinue reading “Our Friend Kay”