Recently I wrote about rereading a journal from nearly 20 years ago.  I thought I’d share a couple more entries that gave me cause to ponder anew.

Even in 1987 I wrote that I sensed writing was something God wanted me to do more; at that point through the discipline of journaling.  I have always been one to journal in an “on again/off again” style. Perhaps this growing passion I feel to write is sprouting from seeds planted years ago.  Once again – His timing, not mine.

Now for a direct quote from that journal:

I was struck by the power of my words, when I am not even aware of them.  Tonight’s the second or third time S*** has commented on something I’ve said to her in a past conversation that she heard as an exhortation to her.  J*** has expressed that as well Funny thing is, when they mention it later, or tell me how God used those words, I have no recollection of ever having said what they are crediting to me or even the general context. . . If my words are used without my awareness to exhort or encourage another, how may times do they tear down without my knowledge?  I must be more aware to seek God and think before speaking (and today I would add, writing).

And that my friends is still true today.