Yes today is Thanksgiving, and that heightens my sense of my many blessings.  After putting the turkey in the oven I sat down with my coffee and yogurt in our den.  Spending time in quiet reflection I thought, today I am thankful that I am not one who gets caught up in style!  Maybe some who see me often wish I did, but that’s another story.

Sometimes when I am asked what style our home is decorated in I reply “early Goodwill.”  That’s not exactly true, but here is what I observed as I sipped my coffee in our den:

  • I was sitting in “Mom’s chair.”  I am probably more thankful for my mom now than I ever was when she was alive.  How I wish I let her know that more.  This is also the chair that Jerry’s attendants often sit in when waiting to help him.
  • Across the room is “Dad’s recliner.”  Such fun memories of seeing him in it in his living room playing “Yankee Doodle” with the grandkids.  Later this week that chair will take up a new residence in the home of B & A, the daughters of our heart.
  • A pillow on the chair was given my by niece from her time in Germany.
  • The walls are filled with pictures of family on both sides who are not with us today, such sweet memories.
  • Another  wall art was given to me by my BFF Susan; oh the stories we could tell.  Another painting came from the friends we owe so much of our ministry foundation to, the Coopers.
  • There is a puzzle that I assembled, glued and hung up that was given to me by my neighbors as a thank you for watching their home and pets.
  • My exercise bike is in the corner, that a Facebook friend Amy gave me after seeing I was looking for one.
  • My guitar is under the counter, a “hand me down” from my cousin Skipper who died way too young.
  • My sewing machine sits in another corner, a reminder of Nancy S a roommate who gave it to me.  Next to it is a sewing box given to me by dear Anne after I helped her make a bridesmaid dress.
  • Next to the sewing machine is our toy shelves – some of those toys from my mom and uncles.  To think of the many, many children of so many generations who played with those.
  • I see a carving of a kissing couple, one of the many unique gifts I received at my first bridal shower, at a restaurant in Accra, Ghana!
  • The window valance was made by my sister when we first built this room on and it was the Disability Ministry Associates/Joni and Friends office.  Wow – to even try to think of all that happened in this room.
  • Then there is the piano, talk about generations! My great Uncle Bill (who died when I was about 9?) bought this as a surprise for his sister, my Grandmother Guyer.  She lived next door to us.  I can still remember the excitement when the delivery truck came (and her really old upright piano came to our house next door).  This piano is not the finest tuned, but it’s a sweet memory of my family, and I can almost still hear Mom sitting at it each Sunday morning playing hymns before she left for church.

And that is just one room (and probably not all in it!).  So very, very thankful for each person these memories bring to mind.

But now I must go, the doorbell just rang and two beautiful nieces and a darling great niece just arrived – time to make some new memories!

Before I go, I think I’ll change the title of this post – perhaps I do have a style after all – love, memories and gratitude!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!